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Posted on behalf of a friend, who is potentially getting some of my kit:

Lets assume it will for this question that the rig will use my MSI 7600GS
and 2GB of DDR2 667:

Question is around 2 Specific processors - Pentium 4 3.06GHz model 519 (1M,
533) or Core 2 Duo e6400, 2.13GHz.

Which is faster for 3D Gaming, Red Orchestra and some newer modern titles at
the highest visual settings the card can handle.

Which is faster for a processor heavy single threaded windows task - video
processing from HD camera.

Obviously we can try them and see, but not all parts have arrived yet!

GT (on behalf of Jack).

Re: Which is faster...

GT wrote:
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In Cinema 4D, E6400 takes 314 seconds and a P4 3GHz takes 659 seconds. If we
double the time on the 6400, to pretend it is using only one core, then its
time would be 628 seconds, slightly faster than the P4. So I'd take the Core2
for single threaded stuff.


I don't think any of the benchmarks on Tomshardware are single threaded any more.
I'd like to see them run SuperPI as another benchmark, to lend a little sanity.

If you look at the Tomshardware games selections, I think they are all
and benefit from having two cores.


Re: Which is faster...

GT wrote:

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is the above card agp or pci-e

second the cpu's you looking at have different fsb and are different socket
types so depending on what cpu you go for you might not be able to use
either your ram or video card

when looking at cpu's the fsb makes all the difference thats why intel are
smacking up amd example
initel e6400 fsb 1066 2.13 GHz £120
amd athlon 64 x2 5600 fsb 800 2.8GHz £90

athlon wins but go up to e6600 2.4GHz £132 intel wins
amd athlon 64 x2 6000 GHz £103

e6600 and amd 6000 performs roughly the same but in some areas intel wins
hands down

Re: Which is faster...

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They are both socket 775 and the motherboard takes 667 DDR2.

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Re: Which is faster...

GT wrote:

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sorry my mistake on the cpu's

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