Which is better: Intel 852GM or Intel GMA 900?

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I want to buy a laptop.
I'm torn between two models.
One comes with a DVD writer and one comes with a read only.

The only difference (as far as I can see) is the graphics card.

One has a Intel 852GM and the other has a Intel GMA 900.

Erm... I've tried reading up on both... but am lost.     : (
Both seem to be good.

The laptops I'm considering are:


Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Which is better: Intel 852GM or Intel GMA 900?

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The L20, according to this, uses a 915GM Northbridge and DDR2 RAM.
"GMA900" is the graphics core present inside the 915GM.



The 852GM is here. It uses older DDR memory. FSB400.
The marketing department didn't give the graphics core a
fancy name.


I don't see the L10 here - maybe it is an older design:


The 740 processor in the L20 has FSB533, allowing faster
data transfer from the RAM.


The 735 processor in the L10 has FSB400.


Buy an external enclosure with USB cable, a DVD-RW optical
drive for $50, and plug them into the L20 as an external device.
That would be your "I'll burn DVDs when I get home" option.
I'd take the L20 as the compute part of it is better. Unless
you're always burning DVDs while you ride on the bus :-)

Also, the 256MB it comes with is pitiful. I would put
2x256MB matched RAM in it, as 512MB total will give you a bit
more room to work. If you have the budget, 2x512MB is also
an option.


Re: Which is better: Intel 852GM or Intel GMA 900?


THANKS a lot.
You've made my mind up.
I'm going for the L20.
: )


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