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Re: Which case to get?

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Run specific applications that are ported only to Windows.

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I am not the average user. I have special requirements that platform
developers only provide for Windows.

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You left out (universal) applications support.

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I am an old BSD hack - no learning curve here.

We had our chance to support UNIX when Novell bought S5E4. But no, we
just had to run Windows. Now we pay the price. The only salvation is
that NT is really DEC VAX VMS, which was one helluva operating system
in its day.

Re: Which case to get?

MarkW wrote:
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I just built an Athlon 64 3500+ system in an Antec Sonata II case and
can highly recommend it. My system stays very cool and, more
importantly, very quiet despite having 5 hard drives. Having the front
drive cage full meant adding an additional 120mm fan in the provided
location on the cage itself but that and the rear 120mm fan run at the
lowest available speed.

Even during my overclocking experiments, postponed now until I buy some
serious OCZ memory, the CPU never exceeded 55C using the stock boxed CPU
heatsink/fan and that was while it idled along at ~2000RPM while running
the CPU at 100% capacity with 15% OC. I'd think that even with a hotter
video card (mine is only a Radeon X700) and slightly more CPU heat there
should be no reason to suffer the noise that a bunch of added
small-diameter fans would cause. And no reason to ugly up the case by
perforating it unnecessarily either.
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Which case to get?

Chieftec, Antec, Thermaltake,

I jut discovered Chenbro

Chieftec are always sturdy good cases.  But marketting is very poor,
you don't know what you're gonna get.

Antec have good cooling but i always find their cases cheap at the
front.. the front broke off.

Thermaltake i don't know.

Chenbro I just bought 3 great towers, really cheap. amazing cases
screwless design.  FRont comes off so nicely. Anything scerwless like
the chenbro PC611 is good.

But if you want the best cooling. Then get a TAC(Thermally Advantaged
Chassis).  This is the new intel spec for cooling.

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