Which BIOS for A7V400-MX

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There is some problem with my system and I need to analyze the POST
codes. I have a A7V400-MX motherboard with Athlon XP 2400+. Can anyone
tell me what is the BIOS type (phoenix/award/ami etc) for this board -
so that I can lookup the appropriate BIOS manual.
I cannot bring up the system and i don't remember what was the BIOS

Also can a motherboard have more than one BIOS type support? I was
using the one downloadable from the ASUS website.


Re: Which BIOS for A7V400-MX

On 21 Jun 2006 07:10:43 -0700, "Alanz"

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What code or beep are you getting?

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Was the system previously working properly, and if so,
"as-is" or were there changes made?

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In theory yes, but in practice, a specific make and model of
board will keep the same bios type, it  won't switch nor
will it be supported by a different branded bios per se...
but if enough of (if not all) the chips on the board were
the same as on another board, that other board's bios would
work up to all the common features between the two boards
which is usually "most".  It is only trivia though, there is
no good reason to switch bios like this unless there is a
specific problem you were sure the other bios would solve.

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It is an Award Bios... possibly v6.00PG, though Asus
sometimes modifies their bios a bit more than others but I
doubt they'd altered anything related to post codes.

Re: Which BIOS for A7V400-MX

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Actually I am not getting any beeps - which probably indicates
something serious going on. I am getting just two codes - first FF just
as i press the start button and secondly 01 after that.

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The system was working properly - it hanged once and then never came
up. So no changes were made.

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I just looked up the code for 01 for award bios - it seems that this
one generally refers to processor test - for example this one (i am not
yet able to find out exactly this v6.00PG version's post code)-

"(01) Processor test 1;Processor status(1FLAGS) verification; Tests the
processor status flags carr y, zero, sign, overflow. The BIOS will set
each of these
flags, verify they are set then turn each flag off and verify it is

Does that mean my processor has died? Also if I remove the processor
and then see the code - it still is 01.
I still have two months warranty on the Mobo and the processor.

Re: Which BIOS for A7V400-MX

On 21 Jun 2006 10:46:10 -0700, "Alanz"

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Unless one of the following situations existed, it is not
"likely" to be the processor.  You might be that one person
in a million that had the CPU fail but I would assume that
is not the problem until you have exhaustively tried
everything else _and_ tried the suspect CPU in another
system known able to support it.

-  Heatsink fan failed and it ran for several minutes like
this.  It would lock up the system while running, definitely
not getting too hot only on the next attempt to start the
system in that few seconds.

-  Heatsink came unlatched (for whatever reason, perhaps
prior installation stress on the socket lug attachment
point) such that it is no longer making contact with the
processor core.  That should be fairly obvious, and in most
cases of extreme CPU overheating, the CPU would have a dark
discoloration on the back (pin side), dark enough that even
on a brown Athlon carrier it would be reasonably easy to
see.  On the old ceramic athlons it might not be but we're
not talking about one of those.

-  Severe motherboard failure damaged the CPU. Very
unlikely, a visual inspection of the motherboard would tend
to show something this bad, like a mosfet having shorted out
and slid down the board shorting copper pads that it

-  Extreme overclocking with high overvoltage setting.  It
would be evidenced by constant very high temperature.
Otherwise a moderate overclock could eventually cause the
board to fail to POST, but returning the system to default
settings, stock CPU speed should allow it to run again.

If you  hadn't yet, try clearing CMOS.  Inspect the
motherboard, particularly the larger capacitors.  Another
common culprit is the power supply, take voltage readings.

You might also strip the system down to only bare
essentials- CPU, 1 memory module, video, heatsink/fan.
Clear CMOS again (with AC disconnected of course).

The odds are that this is a power supply or motherboard
failure.  That's no guarantee, but chasing post codes is
often fruitless because it only tells you where the POST
stopped, not what caused it to stop.

Re: Which BIOS for A7V400-MX

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Based on your description, it doesn't sound like the processor
did anything. Have you double-checked the DIP switch that sets
the clock frequency for the processor ? Accidently putting the
switches in the wrong position, will overclock the processor
and result in a crash. To investigate that possibility, put
the switches into the 100MHz position, and run the processor
as slowly as possible. Maybe it will show signs of life.


Re: Which BIOS for A7V400-MX

Alanz wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you found the BIOS from ASUS, how come you didn't grab the manual
whilst there?


It shows you pictures of the bios screens, convienently labeled
"Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility"

Also section 2.2 has the Beep codes.

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