Where get info about recent PC technologies?

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Where can I read info about current PC technologies?  

Below are some details of what I'm trying to do.


I built my own PC several years ago and now I want to build an all new
one. It will be a budget PC for office/multimedia use.

The trouble is I have no idea about the current technologies (eg. some
fast bus or new mobo form factors).  I don't want to buy some dead end
technologies with no growth path nor buy some technology that has pretty
much failed in the marketplace.

Where can I get information summaries about recent PC technologies that
are in the marketplace?  (Rather than theoretical future technologies
which the magazines like to write about!)

Re: Where get info about recent PC technologies?

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If you built your own PC a few years ago, you might find that a simple hard
disk upgrade (for extra space) will bring the PC up to date enough for basic
Windows / music use. Depends on what you class as multimedia.

Re: Where get info about recent PC technologies?


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Go somewhere like http://www.anandtech.com and read the old
articles in each section.

Most tech bought today will again be obsolete in a few
years, that's just the way it goes.  Generally speaking an
average (whatever average is supposed to mean when building
it yourself?) system today would be ATX form factor still,
P45 chipset motherboard, Core2Duo Quad Core CPU, 2 to 4GB of
DDR2/PC2-6400 or -8500, and a 320+GB SATA hard drive.

If you know for certain you have atypical needs then these
factors might change somewhat, like a cheaper than average
build, a larger than average workload, or special video
needs like gaming.

Another way to see what a baseline is for today's tech is to
look at how OEM systems are equipped in each price range.

Re: Where get info about recent PC technologies?

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I've always liked www.tomshardware.com . Although they publish in the
annoying webazine format (one paragraph per page with tons of ads) and cater
to the gamer/mod-squad their reviews of hardware and computing trends is
very good. They have a good article on power supplies right now.

I also like to browse on Newegg, sort the products by highest price, and
read the product descriptions. I invariably come across some new spec, like
SLI, and then go searching to see what that is. Now I know that some gamers
need to run 2 video cards to get their rocks off. I can read about the
technology and decide if it is, for me, worthwhile now or possibly

I'm also up to speed when I see a post in this group about things like SLI.
This group is a great resource to learn about the bugs that are being worked
out in implementing the newer technologies into new builds.

I have not found a comprehensive source that focuses solely on technology

Re: Where get info about recent PC technologies?

Don wrote:
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Some relevant websites:

Tom's Hardware
PC Magazine

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