Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

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I need connectors of varying lengths, and I want to make my own. Where
does one buy just the plugs and sockets for FDD power plugs?  Is a
special tool reqd?

Re: Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

Peter Jason wrote:

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Um, unless you're asking how to manufacture the *connectors*, it looks
like you really want to fab your own cables of varying lengths (with the
fixed size connectors on their ends).

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You mean like this?


Try hunting around at:

http://www.digikey.com /

They seem to carry a lot of electric/electronic parts.  The problem is
finding out how THEY listed an item.  Or you could Google around, like:


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You mean besides your teeth?  Are you going to solder the wires onto the
pins to then slide into the molex shroud?  Are you going to crimp the
wires onto the pins (which means you'll need a crimping tool since a
mini-needlepoint plier won't give the correct type of crimp)?  Are you
going to take an existing power adapter or cable and splice in longer
wires by soldering the wires together and using heatshrink tubing to
cover the splices (which means you'll need a heat gun since a match
usually ends up over heating the heatshrink tubing and a hair dryer
doesn't get hot enough)?

Re: Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

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Yes, I meant I want cables of varying lengths to optimize the space in
the computer case.   The supplied cables in the "Thermaltake" power
supply are stiff, too short and often have reduntant plugs.  Indeed,
these seem mainly suitable for mid-tower cases.

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Yes, that sort of thing.
Many PCI cards want their powersupply from a FDD power plug.  I have
already installed a small "powerboard" in the case and this works fine
for the 8 fans the case has.  And 2 FDD plugs too.

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Thanks, I'll hack thru all these.

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Seems too hard.  I might as well buy an armfull of miscellaneous plugs
from disposals and cheap stores, and cut off the plugs leaving a small
lengh of cable to which I can solder extensions.

This brings up the point that many plugs & cables have a low strand
count in the cables and this makes them stiff and hard to handle.   It
tends to put quite a bending moment onto the HDDs when these are
plugged in.  If I were to buy my own quality hook-up cables I could
use multi strand cables that are easier to get into tight places.

I already have a soldering iron, and some 60/40 solder.

Regards, P

Re: Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

Peter Jason wrote:

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You'll need heatshrink tubing and a heatgun, too.  Electrical tape will
end up unravelling after awhile.

Re: Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

Peter Jason wrote:
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Typically the plastic bodies and pins are sold separately, and the
most common brands are probably Amp, Molex, Waldcom, and 3M.  They're
sold by Jameco Electronics, Digi-Key, Allied Electronics, and Mouser.

The pins are either soldered or crimped.  Soldered pins usually don't
need tools, except to bend the strain relief tabs over the wire
insulation.  Crimp pins definitely need a tool, something like this:


or this:


Pins can usually be inserted into the plastic bodies without tools.
There are special tools to remove pins, but often a jeweler's
screwdriver or thinwall steel tubing from a hardware or hobby store
will work.  Tools vary widely in price, and dealers that sell mostly
to hobbyists, like Radio Shack, Marlin P. Jones Associates, and
Jameco, tend to be cheaper for them than other electronics suppliers

Re: Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

Peter Jason wrote:
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The easiest way is with daisy chain cabling. This particular style is
getting harder to find. Using these kinds of solutions, requires no
cable making. Just plug and play, until you get the lengths and
ends you want.


( (Amazon.com product link shortened) )

You can combine that with Y cables, and make a cable
long enough to reach stuff. I use a bunch of those
here, for various power tasks.

(Amazon.com product link shortened)

The Molex 1x4 is nice, in that it has a high enough ampere rating,
to allow daisy chaining and powering more than one electrical load.
By comparison, the eventual usage of those SATA power connectors,
can't handle nearly as much. SATA 15 pin connectors aren't suited to making
long trees of power cabling. They might be good for 3 amps or so.


If you're going to buy connectors, they come in various form factors
intended for PCB mounting or for use with cabling. On a cable setup,
you'd want crimp ends on them, to make it easy to connect the wires.
On at least a few of the crimps I've done here, I reinforce the
crimp with solder. It really depends on whether you have a
tool to do the crimps, as to whether second guessing with solder
is necessary. I work the crimp with various kinds of pliers,
which doesn't do a very good job. And then I get out
the soldering iron...

A representative part number for a Floppy female connector,
is AMP 171822-4. I got that from a copy of the ATX power supply
spec. I think Tyco owns AMP now.


That is just the nylon housing. You buy the four crimp pins separately.


http://jp.mouser.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=OK0kU8jTt5yZ705aWRGm7g ==

A datasheet for the 171822-3 using 170204-2 pins is here. Note that
it is possible that more than one kind of crimp pin fits, as they
may be designed for different gauges of wire. The boring part, is
worrying about all the details.



Re: Where do I buy floppyDD power plugs & sockets?

There are some issues with pins used for Molex connectors and AMP
connectors, so you want to get the ones that match the connector you

There used to be a company called Waldom Electronics that sold a
connector assortment kit that included the removal tools.

I have noticed that the specifications for the FD/HD power connector is
now called a Molex connector so I suspect that Amp has licensed their
design to Molex.  I would also suspect that any plug that had the AMP
type interlock (bevel corners) would use the proper Amp pins. The almost
similar original Molex plugs had a square interlock.

For making extension cables you could use the insulation displacement
connectors, no pins required and therefore no crimping. Think I've seen
them in an Amp catalog, but it was a long time ago.

Also be aware that you can get problems if you use multiple "Y"
connectors. The pins are supposed to be good for 5 amps but I've seen
systems where they won't pass that much.  They are also subject to
corrosion unless you buy the high priced ones. (gold plated)

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