whats a decent cpu cooler for P4 LGA775 3.8Ghz

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Hello everyone, I have been putting together a new computer simply to
play newer games. (my old computer is a now dying AMD 1.8xp) Basically
I need to know if there is a better cpu cooler for a Pentium 4 LGA775
3.8Ghz 570J. Above the intel stock cooler and somewhat lower than the
top of the line stuff. Will appreciate any advice


Re: whats a decent cpu cooler for P4 LGA775 3.8Ghz

E.T. wrote:
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If you're going to spend money on a cooler, get a good one.
If you try to be cheap, you'll end up with something which is
only a little better than the Intel cooler.

Tuniq Tower 120 P4 & K8 CPU Cooler - Retail $65

ZALMAN CNPS 9700 NT 110mm 2 Ball Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler - Retail $70
(This version has a four pin fan connector, so should work with a
motherboard that uses PWM control on the fourth pin.)

Big Typhoon CL-P0114 $50 (uses a slow fan for quiet operation)
(Don't get the latest version, which has a bad mounting method)
(This one uses an H-bracket to secure the cooler.)

And some companies make great looking coolers, only to use
a bad clamping method. This is an example of cheesy clamping:


And above all, before you buy one of these, find a good review site that
measures theta_R, the thermal resistance. Zalman specifies the performance
for at least some of their products. The values for the 9500 shown
on this page, should also apply to the 9700NT model. The numbers in question
are 0.12C/W and 0.16C/W. That tells you the temperature rise to expect,
depending on how fast the fan is running.


To work an example, say you own a 115W processor.


Say the room temperature is 25C, and your well cooled computer case
runs at 32C case air temperature. With the Zalman heatsink running in
quiet mode, the expected CPU temp is:   32C + (0.16C/W * 115W) = 50.4C
If you turned the fan to full blast:    32C + (0.12C/W * 115W) = 45.8C

For the other heatsinks, you'd want to find some theta_R values, to
compare to the 0.16C/W type number. That is how you tell in advance,
how well they will cool your processor.


Re: whats a decent cpu cooler for P4 LGA775 3.8Ghz

Thanks for the info dude. I find it quite amazing just how big these
cpu coolers have become. I mean....they take a huge amount of space
and are gargantuan!! I went for some "blue cooler II" which is also a
behemouth of a cooler but yet somewhat smaller than the ones you
posted.(supposedly wider than tall).... Hopefully it will fit in my


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