What to do with extra P4?

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Hi all,

well I done did it, I messed up my trusty laptop but good.  Spilled windex in
the keyboard and now half the keys don't work. (oops.)  Also the backlight for
the screen quit at almost exactly the same time although I think that is
coincidental as it has been flickering slightly for years.  I found a similar
model laptop on eBay so I just bought that, I figure hopefully if I just swap
HDDs then I won't have to reinstall anything.

Question is, I'll have an extra P4 chip laying around.  I would like to build
another desktop computer anyway, not looking for anything fancy, just something
to check email on and copy my files to so I have a redundant backup of
everything I consider important.  I have a DVD-RW, network card, etc. laying
around, so I really just need a motherboard, case, and likely a HDD (since it
appears that everything has gone SATA while I wasn't paying attention.)

Does anyone have any specific recommendations as to what to consider?  I believe
the P4 is something like 3.1 gig, although I obviously can't fire up
aforementioned laptop to check exactly.


Re: What to do with extra P4?

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Forgot to mention, I would prefer something that plays nice with a reasonably
modern distro of Linux if at all possible.  I have not picked one out but I
would like to just try and see if I can get it to work rather than have to find
an XP installer disk (I have a couple XP licenses that are currently unused, but
no installers)


Re: What to do with extra P4?

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Once you swap the drives, you won't have to build a desktop machine

Your present laptop is perfectly good,
just connect and external keyboard and monitor
and you are all set

Re: What to do with extra P4?

On 5 Oct 2008 09:59:42 -0700, njnagel@roosters.net wrote:

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To start you would need know more about your processor, for
example isn't it a mobile CPU, not a desktop CPU?  What is
the exact model #?  You can use that model # to get specs on
it at Intel's website.

You didn't mention the specifics of your windex mishap but
taking the keyboard out, rinsing it, shaking out excess
water, then thoroughly air drying for a few days might be
all that's needed for it to work again.  The rest of the
laptop ought to be checked for remaining windex and a fan
pointed at it open for at least a day.

Whether it was really windex, or really I should write a
product containing ammonia might matter as that might
corrode the metal circuitry inside.  Because of that I would
be inclined to take the laptop apart as quickly as possible
and rinse the windex out, though by now it may have done all
the damage it would if any.

As for the backlight, I would wonder if windex got into more
areas than you realize, but even if it just coincidentally
quit you might find the value (resale value) of the laptop
makes it worth getting a backlight tubes or driver board if
they can be found at reasonable prices to DIY.

Since the laptop is "years" old, frankly I think your better
option is likely to be buying a new CPU too unless lowest
cost is the only priority and you already had most of the
memory the new system would need.  You might check to see
what similar used laptop processors are selling for on ebay,
then sell it there.

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