What's wrong with my image?

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What's wrong?

About every three months, the image on my CRT monitor gets bad.  The
red part of the image is to the left or maybe right of the rest.

If I turn off the monitor for 5 minutes, it gets no better.

IF I put the computer into standby for 5 minutes, when I wake it up,
the picutre is good, and can stay that way for another 3 months.

My NB fan doesn't turn unless I remember to give it a start.

The side of the case isn't on.  

[day-dreaming. dum dum, deedle dee dum.]

The heat sink on the video card is warm, but nowhere near to hot to

My video card is failing, right?


Re: What's wrong with my image?


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Thanks again, especially to Paul.  It looks like it's not as simple as
I hoped.   It's hard to change monitors because they're so heavy.  I
have a 21" CRT downstairs, to replace my 17", and I could get it
upstairs, but the drawer to my desk is open and covered with stuff,
including the keyboard. Holding my arms out while I remove and replace
the monitor is a major test.

And GMAN's right.  There is no fan on the video card.

But it's been 10 days since I posted and the problem's not back, so
I'll see how it goes.   ;)

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Re: What's wrong with my image?

mm wrote:
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Test the video card with a different monitor. If the problem
persists, it's the video card.

This could be an analog issue. And analog starts, at the filter
networks just after the GPU on the video card. It would include
the integrity of the VGA cable. And the CRT itself, has
pincushion, convergence, color purity and other adjustments
of that nature, that can affect color. It's more likely
to be something like that, than a digital issue with the GPU.

So there is a small possibility, some component just at the
output stage of the video card is at fault. But by and large,
the CRT has more potential issues that could cause it, than the
video card or cabling.


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