what's wrong with Intel core duo T2050 and T2250 ?

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While looking for a laptop, I come across some models that have an
Intel core duo T2050 or T2250 processor.  Strange thing is that there's
not any reference to these processors on the Intel website.  They only
talk about T2300, T2400, T2500 etc.  The search functionality gives "no
results".  And they're not on the Intel price list.

So I'm a bit suspicious.  Is there something wrong with the T2050 and
T2250 ?  What's the difference with the other dual cores ?  Why does
Intel pretend they don't exist ?  Should I risk buying a laptop which
such processor ?



Re: what's wrong with Intel core duo T2050 and T2250 ?

pvl_google@yahoo.com wrote:

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They are likely OEMed in large quantity to the notebook mfgs.


The FSB is reduced, but who knows, maybe if the DDR2 memory
runs at the same speed as the FSB, there is some synchronous
memory access happening (slightly less latency). I don't think
there is any reason to worry - if they tried to make up some
part numbers, Intel would stomp on them.

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