What price CPU?

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A guy at work upgraded his computer recently and gave me the old motherboard
with his assurance that it still works fine, just that he's gotten a better

There is no manual or docs with it.  The only identification on it is
silkscreened on the board... "ASROCK"  "ATA133" "5.1CH" "USB2.0"
and "K7VM3"  "Socket 462" is stamped on the socket where the CPU goes.
Also the sockets for the memory chips certainly don't look like they'll take
the 32meg SIMMS from my old board.

I'd really appreciate it if y'all could give me a decent idea what it'll cost
me to get a CPU and memory along with what kind to get and where to find them
at decent prices.  I don't know much about hardware and would like to keep
from making stupid mistakes and getting ripped off.



Re: What price CPU?

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"K7VM3" is the model...

Here's the link:


Re: What price CPU?

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If you had the CPU and/or memory, OR if you have some unique
goal like building a fileserver, the board might be a
starter.  On the other hand, building a general purpose
system with that board today, needing to still buy the
remaining major parts is a bit of a poor economy.

The board might be worth $20, or less actually if it's been
in service all this time, but the rest of the system is a
more substantial cost.  In the long run it could be better
to buy a more modern motherboard, which takes a more modern
CPU, faster memory, faster video (even if integrated video,
KM266 based integrated video is slower than that on any
modern board due to it's use of only 133MHz/PC2100 frame

The short answer is if you really want to build a system
with it, find the cheapest socket A CPU you can that has
DDR266 FSB, like an Athlon XP2100 or a Duron- whatever is
most cost effective, possibly you'd find it in a computer
oriented web forum for low cost, not buying it new as that's
poor bang for the buck today.  Add at least one 512MB memory
module, PC2100 or better.  it's not a dual channel board so
the best performance would come from one single sided

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