What Linux and HW Should I have bought in 2006??

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Back in December 2006 I had to make a choice for a database app.
I had 150+ users and wanted to go to GNU on a 4-way system.
Does anyone know what my choices would have been back then?
CPU clock speed, RAM, IO Subsystem, platform HW and OS stability?
(Just trying to settle an argument)

Re: What Linux and HW Should I have bought in 2006??

Errol wrote:
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So.. you had MINIMAL needs (150 is SMALL).  4-way... shoot,
you even had quad core by end of 2006.  But, if we're talking
at the beginning, you could either do two dual core... could
choose Intel or AMD.  If you just had to have 4 sockets, I
would go AMD, the Intel 4 socket was too hot and too slow
at that time.  Clock speed?  Gosh... does it matter that much?
2+Ghz?  That's all I'll say.

RAM... well... if AMD, DDR or DDR2 (I believe).  On the
Intel side, can't remember... might have been rambus memory.

IO subsystem... well... on the cheap, U320 SCSI.  But I
would have done 2Gbps fibre... 4Gbps was probably too
expensive back then... but if you've got the cash!!

PCI... back then, probably PCI-X 133Mhz just because
of the dearth of PCIe solutions.... depends on what
boards you needed (PCI-X was more ubiquitous than PCIe
in 2006).

My preference, a DL385 AMD platform.

Of course, my assumption in all of this is that you're
wanting x86.  At that point, I would have chosen
64bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the OS.

There's a TON of variables.  I can only give my
opinion.  Too many possibilities.  What is/was the

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