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The specs on a number of new notebooks say they have an X-glass display, but
I have not been able to find any futher information about this. Is it just
marketing-speak or is it a new technology?

Re: What is x-glass

Dave wrote:
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Some previous marketing terms.

And a reference to X-glass here:

    "Rock has incorporated the same X-Glass display technology that itís
     been using in its Xtreme laptop range. Like Sonyís X-Black, X-Glass
     is a reflective coating that delivers increased colour depth and vibrancy."

And the Wikipedia article references this page. Which
gives an actual technical description of the old
and new methods. Matte finish versus AR. And I thought
my monitor just had a sheet of glass added to it :-)
So much for marketing blur/spin.



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It's not exactly new technology.  It's just an LCD with a glass front,
as opposed to the usual plastic.  It allows for easier cleaning, it's
more scratch resistant, and it offers a bit more protection for the
screen during normal use.  The usual plastic front ones tend to be
difficult to clean.  If you own an older LCD with the plastic sheeting
front, you know that the plastic accumulates grease stains easily (eg.
fingerprints) and its' not easy to remove them without risking damage
to the screen, as an LCD is pressure sensitive.

It is new in that the feature wasn't present in older LCDs and
notebooks, but I wouldn't call sticking a thin sheet of glass in front
of an LCD to be "new technology."

As for the X-glass moniker?  I can't be sure of this, but the name
seems to be tied to Xerox.   I'm also not sure if the term refers to
all glass front LCDs, or if it's a Xerox brand.

Re: What is x-glass

MCheu wrote:
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XShield, a trademark, can be found on the Xerox XG/XA7 series.

X-Glass may be a generic term where Sony calls it X-Black.

I have seen a few Sony models back in Spring '05. Sitting beside LG,
Samsung, and NEC units, the Sony models were bright, clear and 30% more

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