what is the socket blah blah for a CPU?

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Hi all,

I am considering to upgrade my system and have
the two Xeon 3.2Ghz replaced by better processors
e.g. 2x Dual Core.

Is it the socket blah blah what says whether the new
processor will fit the MOBO and replace the ones I have?
how do I find out which socket # is the one I have?

Separate question is would you expect it to be MUCH
faster a Pentium 4 Dual Core replacing Xeon? would be
specially noticeable for gaming?

Best Regards,

Re: what is the socket blah blah for a CPU?

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If you posted the brand name and model number of the motherboard,
it would be easier to answer your question. Many manufacturers
keep lists of the supported processor models for each of
their motherboards, so it is possible to look them up.

If you already have two Xeon 3.2GHz, you already have a
powerful computer. To take advantage of four cores means
either there are a lot of single threaded applications
running simultaneously, or you have one of the few
applications that can fork enough threads to keep all
cores busy. To see an advantage would require pretty
careful study of the application mix you intend to use.

(I've seen one comment from a person using an Apple
G5 with four cores, that while he can keep a few cores
busy, it is real difficult to make all cores fully
occupied at the same time. So, I would expect a
diminishing return on your investment, unless you
are writing the application software yourself.)

This forum specializes in multiple CPU systems and
you will find many people like yourself, with
dual socket systems.

http://forums.2cpu.com /
http://forums.2cpu.com/search.php (type the name of your motherboard)

Also, you might consider the memory architecture of your
motherboard, and how the motherboard will be hard
pressed to answer memory requests from four cores.
Investing in an AMD platform might be a better answer,
if you really think you need more than two processors.


Re: what is the socket blah blah for a CPU?

No can do.  Xeons use a different socket and a different chip set than the
new Intel dual core CPU's.


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