What is the most silent psu 400 watts

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Actually hot air should not be all that much of a problem for me because all
I have in my computer is 1 300gig hdd, 1 dvd writer, a 1.4ghz Athlon, and
onboard video and onboard sound. At 400 watts is what I want.

The 350 watt psu is in the bedroom and I can hear it in the living room even
with the tv on. I got to do something about this. The one I am using now
definitely puts some air out the back, hence it's being loud, but I don't
think I have to worry about hot air being a problem. Still, I would like to
feel air being put out the back when I stick my hand back there. It makes me
feel like I don't have to worry about overheating  :)

Re: What is the most silent psu 400 watts

use fanless PSU


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Re: What is the most silent psu 400 watts

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 00:00:26 -0600, "NadaSurf"

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Yes, if the air is hot it needs be exhausted at a reasonable

You don't necessarily need a 400W PSU but the extra margin
is still a good thing from a longevity perspective
(providing it's not a generic overrated PSU).

The best option is probably a 400W Sparkle/Fortron with the
12cm fan on the bottom.   However, aforementioned system is
a relatively light load, even some of the median quality PSU
brands should be sufficient for it, or a good quality 300W.

If your motherboard lacks a 4-pin, 12V CPU power connector,
it means your CPU is deriving it's power from the 5V rail
and thus, your target PSU should support at least 180W
combined 3V+5V, even better 200+W 3V+5V rating (should be
clearly listed as a spec and on the label).  One caveat with
practically all of the PSUs having the more quiet 12cm fans
on them is that they do need relubed every couple years for
best lifespan, as they typically use a sleeve-bearing fan in
this horizontal orientation.

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