What is the difference of a Dual Core Processor vs. Dual Processors?

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Look at this description by Intel:


Need Flash.

George Hester

Re: What brands don't use a lot of proprietary parts - PSU,

Ooohhhhh.... The wailing and mashing of Teeth!!!

Hello.. My name is Myrrapen...

I used to work for a major PC company... I implore you to Never buy a
pre-made PC unless commanded to by God. If budget is an issue or you
have to because of said directive; make sure you have (all) system
specs. in writing before you pay. Then check everything when you get
the PC home. Take it back right away if things don't match. From what
I saw, the PC that was built, delivered, and/or carried out was seldom
what the person thought they would get based on the TV commercials or

Please... listen to this..... Never finance!! I saw people take out 5+
Year Payment plans at 23.99% for PCs that will be out of date in 6

<Pant> <Pant> Iím Ok. Blood pressure is back to normal.
Vision is clearing.

  I recommend building your own PC from scratch to just about
everyone. It takes a lot of fear away from the average user. Find a
friend that will build a system with you.

Thanks for listening to me... Want some coffee or a donut?... Your
turn to share with the group.....

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