What is a function driver?

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I'm having some USB problems. I can't use my USB memory/MP3 player
because Windows says that the USB device drivers aren't correctly
installed, and when I try to reinstall them (from C:\Win\inf\usb.inf) I
get an error message saying that "The installation failed because a
function driver was not specified for this device instance".

What does that mean?

I'm running Windows 2000 SP4.

I read the a discussion about this at
http://www.computing.net/drivers/wwwboard/forum/4123.html , and tried the
fix posted at
http://www.isp.net.au/~merrick/Function_Driver/Function_Driver.htm , but
I still get the same error message about the function driver.

The MP3 player works fine on other computers. Gah...

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