What GPU is behind Quadro FX550?

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Greetings to all,

So, as the subject says, I am curious what GPU is used on Quadro FX550
cards. The reason I am perplexed comes from here:


where it clearly says that FX550 is G73GL chip. However, Everest
disagrees. Normally, I wouldn't care but it seems that FX560 (which is
more than once confirmed that it has G73GL chip) and FX550 share same
nVidia referent PCB design, whereas FX540 with NV43 chip (that Everest
reports for my FX550) has completely different PCB layout.

One more thing. The card has a curious sticker on SLI connector, it reads
something in this manner: "Not to be used for SLI". However, there seems
to be software SLI drivers that allows SLI usage without proprietary
connector for consumers cards, right? Since another card can be obtained
for negligible price, I would certainly take it if SLI is available. Are
there any additional limitations since I use Intel Bad Axe 2 board?

Thanks in advance!

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