What else does power to mobo actually do?

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Why does the motherboard still get power supplied to it even after
the system is powered down?

I know that the front switch on the system box is just a signalling
switch going to the mobo in order to request the mobo calls for full
power when starting up (PS_ON signal to  pin 14).  And also to ask
for the mobo to kill power when powering down.

But I kind of get the feeling that there are other things which
remain energisied and/or partly functional while the power supply is
not fully disconnected.  Maybe the Ethernet LAN card in home PC for
connecting to a cable modem is kept alive for some reason.

Can anyone tell me if this feeling of mine is true and what sorts of
other things might be kept alive by this near continuous power.  

(I am thinking mainly of a home user connected to the net with no
other PCs attached.)

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