What dose "channel" in Sound card mean?

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Hello All,

Some Sound Card deal with 6 channel or 4 channel .. what dose it these
channel refer to?

Can u give me the main considerations of buying Sound Card?


Re: What dose "channel" in Sound card mean?

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A normal stereo sound card has only 2 channels.
1 for the left speaker, and 1 for the right speaker.
So in effect, a channel is 1 speaker outlet.

Surround sound, has more channels for complete room
surround. ie 5+1, 6+1, or even 8+1

Cards come in all costs/quality, it depends how fussy
you are about the quality of your sound.
From a few pounds/dollars to an awful lot of money !!.

Re: What dose "channel" in Sound card mean?

On Sat, 17 Nov 2007 12:16:10 -0800 (PST), Lara

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4 channel is two front speakers and two rear speakers.
6 channel is two front, two rear, a center speaker and a

If you have 5 or more speakers you will want a 6 channel (or
sometimes called 5+1) card.  If you only had two or four
speakers then it depends on where you want these speakers
and what they are.  For example if you had a subwoofer you
might want the 6 channel card since it has a subwoofer
channel, or if you had a center channel or wished to put all
the speaker in front and none in the rear of the listening
area then again you would want a 6 channel (or more) card.

The only good reason to pick a 4 channel is if it's cheaper
and you only use two front speakers (and might only add two
rear speakers).  Today most sound cards do support 6
channels or more in any decent card so you ought to focus on
the other factors of sound card features and sound quality.

Re: What dose "channel" in Sound card mean?

ok ....thanx

i have another Question for sound card>>

sound card have DAC and ADC , but i have a card with one chip so where
are ADC &DAC and memory?

Re: What dose "channel" in Sound card mean?

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The first 2 are built into that chip, and the card doesn`t
need memory.

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