What does memory config (16x8, 64x64, etc) mean?

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When I look at memory products (such as, for example, those listed at
http://tinyurl.com/a2nkx ) I see designations such as 16x8 and 32x8 and

I'm confused as to what these designations mean. I would have guessed
that "16x8" means eight chips @ 16MB each, but that only adds up to 128
MB, whereas that config is listed (on that particular website) for a
256MB SDRAM. Maybe that's 16x8 each side...

But that doesn't work out for the 512MB SDRAM listed at 64x64 (64 MB x
64 chips = 4 GB).

My motherboard manual cautions that memory modules with more than 18
chips are not supported. How do I translate these configuration
designations into an actual chip count?



Re: What does memory config (16x8, 64x64, etc) mean?

usenet@DavidFilmer.com wrote:

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Wouldn't it be a miracle if retailers knew what they were
selling, and prepared consistent advertising ? That web page
mixes some products where the chips used are being
described, and other products where the size of the entire
array is being quoted.

If you are uncomfortable buying memory from idiots, try
visiting www.crucial.com and use their database. They
will list compatible memory for your motherboard, so you
won't have to "attempt translation" of some of the pitiful
adverts you find these days. Kingston.com is another site that
has a decent database.

Some memory manufacturers provide datasheets for their
products, and they may have more details on construction
in there. Corsairmicro.com has datasheets for their stuff.

So there are sources of memory which will not leave you
guessing. And then there are the rest...


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