what do I need exactly - ide enclosure

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you may recall that my laptop is recently deceased ... Now I need to
transfer files from the old laptop's hard drive to the new one. What do I
need to buy? I see that there are 3.5 and 2.5 ide enclosures .. Is there
such a device that will work for 3.5, 2.5 and even 5.25 ide hard drives? I
am not
sure what size my laptop's hard drive is ... and I do not want to undo the
27 screws again to measure it. ... I think it was about 3.5'' long

apologies if this post turns up twice .. may be problem at my news server ..
I can't see  my last post ..

Re: what do I need exactly - ide enclosure

code_wrong wrote:
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Your laptop's HD is most likely a 2.5" drive -- about the size of an
iPod.  Internal HDs in desktop units are commonly 3.5"  I don't recall
ever having seen a 5.25", but some enclosures will accomodate 5.25"
optical drives as well.

Even though enclosures that accept 3.5/5.25 drives are common enough,
I've not seen any that also accept 2.5" drives.  I suspect the reason is
because the cabling is substantially different for the smaller drives.

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