what adapter type? use for what?

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What kind of adapter did I just get?

I just got a used laptop. Included was an adapter, and I'm trying to
figure out what it is and what it's for, or if it was included by

On the side of my laptop are three receptacles, probably 3.5mm, (a) to
connect a record/playback device such as a cassette deck or a CD
player, (b) for headphones (line out), and (c) for mic (line in).

The adapter has 2 prongs on one side and a receptacle on another side.
If I insert the prongs into the laptop, the 2 prongs fit either the
record/playback receptacle plus the headphones (line out) receptacle
or else they fit the headphones (line out) receptacle plus the mike
(line in) receptacle.

The adapter's own receptacle seems to be about 3.5mm across (inside
diameter), ribbed inside (not threaded), but I can't assure it would
take the same kind of prong from whatever gets plugged into it.
Perhaps it does, but I don't know what to plug into it, so I can't

The laptop's official literature doesn't mention the adapter (unless
I'm looking it up wrong, but probably not). Just to be sure, I
searched one lit file for everything mentioning "audio" to no avail.

It's about an inch square not counting the prongs and is about half an
inch thick, with no brand, number, text, trademark, LED, or control.
It's packed in a resealable plain plastic bag, which may not have been
originally with it.

Assuming the adapter is meant for the laptop, what gets plugged into
it and why? And which pair of holes on the laptop do I plug the
adapter into?



Re: what adapter type? use for what?


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If you've got a digital camera, snap a pic, toss it up on a free
webpage site like geocities, and give us a link.   Old saying:  "A
picture is worth a thousand words."

If you can, take pictures of both connector sides of the adapter, head
on, as well as a side shot with a common object like a coin to gauge
relative size.   You've provided a lot of details, but it's just vague
enough that you could get several responses and still have them all be



Re: what adapter type? use for what?

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I would not plug it into the laptop at all.

If it has 2 x 3.5 jacks to 1 x 3.5 receptacle then it must be a special for
some other equipment.

Do both 3.5 jacks look the same................or does one have more plastic
spacers in it than the other. If so one could be a mono and the other a
stereo. Does the size allow you to put only one jack into one socket of the
comp...........ie the other jack is in the vertical plane sitting above or
below the comp. It just might be a stereo to mono adaptor and is just
stupidly coincidental that it fits into 2 sockets at once.

only my thoughts


Re: what adapter type? use for what?

Don't have a camera, but thanks, MCheu.

Both prongs look the same, with one spacer apiece. I can insert it
sideways but then either if I aim the adapter up then the PC slots
dummy inserts have to come out, implying maybe the PC slots can't be
used for anything, or if I aim the adapter down then the laptop would
be held further off the table (lap, etc.) because the adapter would
act as a fifth leg, and a bit too long. So it's unlikely the adapter
should be using one prong only and inserted sideways. Your advice not
to use it may be right. Thanks, dj.

I'll ask around. Maybe I can show it to someone. Or maybe a store
sells something like it and the package will explain it.


Re: what adapter type? use for what?

Found out what it probably is: an airplane jack, according to a
manager at J&R, a store that sells audio stuff, computers, etc. I
think he said a passenger can plug it in to listen to music. I think
he was in the audio department; the computer department staff didn't
recognize it.

So it's not a computer whatchamacallit. I offered it back to the guy
who sold me the used computer but he didn't want the jack back. If one
of you has a used airplane for sale (should come with good music) I
might be able to use the jack there.

Thanx again.


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