What 2,5" hdd to avoid incompatibility in linux

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Hi to all,

Recently I discovered that numerous hdd (electromeccanical not ssd), now on
 sale (not old models), are problematic under Linux, because they doesn't u
nderstand correctly some commands about energy saving (note: 2,5" size is t
he mobile serie), and hdd continuously parks the head and restarts them.
Result is a too high count cycle for the load/unload cycle smart attribute,
 also 1000 cycles for 1 hour or more (all life 600k).
You can hear continuosly the "clicking sound" produced by heads movement.
The Solutions are often workarounds (tricks) disabling energy saving on dev
ice via hdparm -B parameter (if you have bought a hdd because seemed consum
e less, it's appears some frustrant ), there are also utilities from vendor
 to update fix the hdd firmware (not for all models, and with uncertain sup

Thus, my question is very simple, have you experience of 2,5" hdd sata unde
r linux (reading on web semms also mac and win could have same problems) th
at are fully compatible with linux without these problems. Now on sale (wit
h a size approximatively of 500GB). A list a brand or model..?

The trouble isn't new here some ref. link :



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