Weird DVD RW problem

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The system:
P4 3GHz
1Gig DDR
WinXP-pro SP1
nVidia FX5700
Enermax 550W(?) PSU
Maxtor 160Gig IDE 7200 x 2
Maxtor 200Gig SATA x 2
Samsung DVD-R
Sony DVD RW DW-D22A (LiteOn with BYS3 firmware)

Recently, the Sony drive will not read a DVD-R (data disk) that it has
recorded. This is as viewed using Windows Explorer. The disc can be read
using the Samsung drive.

A DVD-Video that is recorded using the Sony drive is also not browsable
using Windows Explorer (on the Sony drive), but can be played using

This is only a recent development as older discs (same batch) are browsable.

I've re-flashed the firmware back to BYS2 - no difference, and then back to
BYS3 again.

Any ideas?

Re: Weird DVD RW problem

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 10:26:27 +0100, "Grumps"

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Get rid of the Sony as soon as you can.

We had a Sony/LiteOn and 1/4 of the discs we burned were coasters. The
rest won't play after 6-12 months - we have to reburn the entire

To add insult to injury I contacted Sony for new firmware and they
said they did not support the drive because it was made by LiteOn. I
contacted LiteOn and they said Sony should support it.

I took it back and exchanged it for an NEC 3540.


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Re: Weird DVD RW problem

Bob wrote:
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So that begs another question, in the UK all drives are around the 30 mark,
so which is the best?

Sony/LiteOn, NEC, Pioneer, Asus etc. I guess LiteOn make drives for some of
the others, but not for those I've listed.

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