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Hi NG!

I need a little help: I'd like to view via internet the output of a
webcam in real time (I mean movie, not still images).

I'd like to know if there's a webcam that can be connected directly to
my local netword without the need of a PC (for the encoding process).

The ideal situation would be the following:

-the local network is connected to internet with a public IP address x.x.x.x

-the webcam is connected to the local network with a private IP address

-I set the firewall/router so that, for example, the requests coming fro
internet at the port 8080 will be redirected to the IP address y.y.y.y

-result: using Windows Media Player via internet, I can see the webcam
output at the IP address x.x.x.x:8080

Is it possible to do this?
Are there some webcam that have an output format which is viewable in
Windows Media Player without having to install codecs?

....Thank you...


Re: Webcam on internet

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Use your search engine, and type in:

   "ip webcam" RJ45

You'll see devices like this one.


Re: Webcam on internet

Sorry to but in but I have a simple Creative USB Web Cam, I am looking at it
now, it just sits there on the desk with its little green LED glowing
away..............mmm can I do anything usefull with it.

Had it for ages and only just plugged it back in as my son wanted to use it
with MS Messenger worked a treat first time but now he does not bother.

Is there a way of using this or any other PC Cam to view live via a web

I.E. If I set up a Web Page people viewing it can click a link to see live
images over the Web Cam.

What about sound?

Could use it to set up a Cable 10 TV Show and stream live video over the

Just a thought Maybe

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