Webbie Boards Are Stealing Threads Off Usenet

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This shit kinda ticks me off:

Granted it's a form of free advertisement for my sites and such, but
when it starts to reach a point where a large scale operation like
Tom's Hardware Guide, with a current Alexia ranking of 1,137 has to
start dipping their hand into Usenet for material...yeah, bad form.
It's so fucked up that they even make it look like you're some kind of
a registered user with them.  Yeah, like teh gawd damn Mad Hatter
would ever register on 'ol Tom's fuckin Webbie board.  *rolls eyes*


Onideus Mad Hatter
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Re: Webbie Boards Are Stealing Threads Off Usenet

Agreed mate, that's fucked up, Tom's a tosser tbh

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Re: Webbie Boards Are Stealing Threads Off Usenet

usenet@backwater-productions.net says...
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Just be happy that someone's happy to archive the shit that you usually
spout.  Besides, Google does the same.

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Re: Webbie Boards Are Stealing Threads Off Usenet

To further the education of mankind, Hywel Jenkins

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Hehe, I thought of doing that myself to support some "tech pages" I
contemplated for my website.  Unethical?  I dunno, but I decided against
it, anyway.

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Re: Webbie Boards Are Stealing Threads Off Usenet

Onideus Mad Hatter wrote:
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Theyve been doing that kinda thing for ages, like you said, its free
advertising, it will increase your PR and consequently add to the
performance of your site/s. Enjoy it.


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