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I have a WD1600ys SATA drive on ASUS M2N4-SLI board.I get an
occasional warning in event viewer.ID #51. Sometimes one per day up to
25 in a one minute period.
I spoke with a tech rep. He told me that this was an enterprise drive
and should be on a raid controller. It's now on Serial ATA controller.
If this's correct, how will I change to raid controller? Do a repair
install and F6 the new driver in? Maybe then disable the SATA
controller and hope it finds the hdd on raid and boots? I'm dumb as a
stump about this.
Thanks. bb

Re: WD tech said?

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  Perhaps someone can address this error message, but that drive
should function out of RAID with no problems.  It sounds like the
tech is trying to make it any problem except the drive.  It may not
be the drive, but some other part of the complex storage interface,
but it is not because it isn't in a RAID array.


Re: WD tech said?

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The story has been stated too cryptically by WD.

Those drives are designed to timeout very quickly because
that works best with RAID, let the raid handle the retrys etc.

Thats always been a WD abortion, no one else does
it that way with drives with a quicker timeout for RAID.

Re: WD tech said?

busterb wrote:
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Is there any text associated with the error ?

In terms of background information, this is the available info on
what a "RE" drive buys you. They are intended for use on a RAID
controller, because their error recovery time constant has been
changed. It might mean, for example, that a sector will be spared
out after fewer retries, in order to meet the claimed seven second
time constant.

RAID-specific time limited error recovery (TLER) - Improves error
handling coordination with RAID adapters and prevents drive fallout
caused by extended drive error-recovery processes.

Q: What is time-limited error recovery and why do I need it?
A: Desktop drives are designed to protect and recover data, at
    times pausing for as much as a few minutes to make sure that
    data is recovered. Inside a RAID system, where the RAID
    controller handles error recovery, the drive needn't pause for
    extended periods to recover data. In fact, heroic error recovery
    attempts can cause a RAID system to drop a drive out of the array.
    WD RE2 is engineered to prevent hard drive error recovery fallout
    by limiting the drive's error recovery time. With error recovery
    factory set to seven seconds, the drive has time to attempt a
    recovery, allow the RAID controller to log the error, and still
    stay online.

Other than its behavior under error conditions, it should still
function like any other SATA drive. I don't see the WD Tech's

If you run a Western Digital disk diagnostic (download it), what
does that tell you ?


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