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Re: WD External hard disk failure...

I did try it in different machines, the USB recognizes it as a mass
storage device. But I'm getting a code 10, which means the device
cannot be started.

Re: WD External hard disk failure...

Swap out brother.

Re: WD External hard disk failure...

My 80g Western Digital external HD just failed, the same conditions as
Jay's.  Red/green lights flash, hd not spinning.  I was swapping hd's
around and I could have plugged the WD hd into my laptop power supply.
WD 12Vdc 2A,  laptop power supply 19Vdc 3.16A.

Anyway, removed hd from enclosure and installed in 2 different machines
as slave.  The machines would not boot.  They stopped at master hd
recognition.  The master was not identified and I received a boot disk
failure message.  With WD hd removed the machines boot fine.

I am pretty sure the circuit board is fried.  I have not removed it
from the hd to inspect the opposite side.

Any suggestions.



Re: WD External hard disk failure...

Welcome to the club, just for the start, WD's got a voltage regulator
and its got a fuse as well. So its not possible to overload the circuit
by anychance. Coz I tested them myself :)

So in essence its the drive thats dead or you have fried your

Re: WD External hard disk failure...

well, as I hear, its not easy to swap a WD drive as they have some
kinda information embedded in the circuitry for every individual drive.
It will indeed make data recovery tough.

Actually it was claimed by a data recovery website from UK. So I dont
wanna do that, so Ill not ruin my data recovery chances.

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