Water cooling, aluminum & copper parts

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With the coolants supplied with off the shelf kits these days,
is corrosion still a big concern? I mean, a lot of the manufacturers
are supplying mixed parts for the kits and don't even offer compatible
materials as an option (koolance, zalman, others I'm sure).

I picked up a new koolance exos for dirt cheap (at a mom & pop pc
shop; said they've had it too long & have no one interested in water
cooling) but I'm having 2nd thoughts about the aluminum radiator &
copper block.

I located a copper radiator I could replace the koolance aluminum one
with but, Seems like a big pain in the ass.  I haven't been able to
find any aluminum cpu blocks either.

So, Is it worth worrying about? Are they reasonably safe/reliable with
the 'modern' coolants they supply with their systems?
I'm a little surprised that koolance (and any others that package
kits) gets the money the ask for their systems if they're a disaster
waiting to happen.

Re: Water cooling, aluminum & copper parts

the best thing would be to look up reviews, most I have seen are copper.
Make sure you use distilled water, also the additives the kit supplies, but
you have to use distilled water or you will have corrosion problems.

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