Watching computer tv from the next room.

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My ex-girlfriend is on a tight budget, has no DVDR. and currently
watches network tv shows that she can't watch live on her computer,
from the ABC, CBS, NBC websites, etc.

She would like to watch on her tv,  in the next room from her
computer, with a comfortable sofa to sit on, instead of the desk
chair.  It  turns out Apple TV, Roku, and Google TV won't have these

But of course sometimes she'll want to pause, or change shows.

It seems to me the easiest way to do this might be to have a remote
keyboard and mouse. Am I on the right track?

So far I've found remote keyboards, full size and palm size.  This one
is palm size with a mouse too!  
( product link shortened)

Can one generally have both the remote and the wired keyboard working
at the same time? Only one will actually be used at any given time.
(I've had a PS2 mouse and USB mouse connected at the same time, and
both worked)

Re: Watching computer tv from the next room.

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( product link shortened)
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Yes you can have both a remote and a wired keyboard plugged in and working
at the same time. This only gets confusing if you try using one when she is
using the other.

Most wireless keyboards use infra-red, which means you would need to
position the detector in the same room as you plan to use it. So its looking
like you need cables for the remote keyboad mouse and vga/hdmi running from
the room with her pc to the room with her tv.

That said, the remote keyboard you are looking at is wireless (looks like a
lovely dinky keyboard). Be aware that the 10m distance it quotes will assume
no walls in the way. So you might find its much less than that when you have
a wall in the way - but then you could run a long usb cable to have the
dongle it requires in the same room.

There are also wireless devices to transmit the video signal from one room
to another, which would avoid the need for cable runs. But you are then
starting to push your budget.

Hope this helps.
 Brian Cryer

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