Warranty durations of various Nvidia cards

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Hello. I have been looking for a replacement card for my Sapphire
Radeon 9800 Pro that seems to have died on me (I will definitively
confirm tomorrow by testing it on a college machine tomorrow).

I am dead set on a Nvidia card after being disappointed with Ati's
Linux drivers.

I believe I will be getting an AGP 8x Nvidia 6600GT card to replace my
Radeon 9800 Pro. Any links showing a comparison between the two would
be much appreciated. Would you say the 6600GT is good value for money
for someone who plays games but doesn't usually max out the graphics

I've done some searching around and I was quite surprised to see the
variability in warranty durations.
Sapphire - 1 year at retailer + 1 year by them
(Not easy to find - go through Sapphire's support forums)

PNY - 1 year at retailer + 2 years upon registration with them

Aopen - 1 year

xfx - Lifetime if bought in the US/Canada. Not known elsewhere.

Does someone know if this lifetime warranty applies to the UK?
What if I bought the card from a US retailer and had it shipped here?


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