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We want to creat VPN tunnel to our remote office through a ADSL
Broadband connection. I am facing problem for that. We got one static
IP address from (ISP). The network connection in my office will be like

        ADSL(UT-300R2U) Router/Modem -------CISCO 501

ADSL Lan port is connected to firewall outside interface. LAN IP
addresses are in the segment

Now the problem is my remote team wants to configure VPN on static IP
given by the ISP and static IP should be on the firewall outside
interface. But the IP address on firewall is publeic ip address as I explained above.

I know one solution, by putting ADSL router in bridge mode and
configuring PPPOe dialer on the outside interface of the firewall. The
outside interface of the firewall should get the Staic IP address.

But My team don't want to configure PPPOe dialer on the firewall. Does
any body worked on this type of problem. Please advise if anybody have
another option to get Static IP address on firewall outside iterface.

Please respond yadavdr@gmail.com

Thanks & Bregds,

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