Vodafone connect key on desktop pc, usb port disabled !

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strange thing, for the first time I installed a usb Vodafone (K4505)
on a desktop PC (never had problems with laptops), perfect connection,
but ... after a reboot, I inserted the key and all USB ports was
deactivated, included the one for the key (ie key wasn't read)

The desktop PC has Windows 7 x64, 4 GB RAM, 600 W alimentatoe, Quad
Core, etc.

Any ideas?

thank you very much

Re: Vodafone connect key on desktop pc, usb port disabled !

Ale wrote:
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I don't know if this is the same model of USB device, but they
seem to have a power problem with it. It draws a lot of
current. One suggestion, is not to use it with a long USB
extension cord. Another possibility, is to use a self powered
USB2 hub with its own +5V power supply. Or use any other
means at your disposal, to ensure it is getting enough power.

http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/269889-Vodafone -(ZTE)-K4505-Z-freezing-disconnecting-and-other-stories-of-pain/page6

Apparently, if the signal it is receiving is weak, it'll
increase transmit power, and that makes it get hot, draw
more current and so on. Make sure you're in a location
with good receive signal level, so the device doesn't have to
crank its transmitter power level.


Re: Vodafone connect key on desktop pc, usb port disabled !


strange thing, the Vodafone USB key (K4505) inserted into a medium-
high level desktop PC - no problems on laptops - with windows 7 x64, 4
gb ram, 600w power supply, quad-core 2.4 GHz causes problems with
other USB ports, making them unstable or off.
Even the port used by the key Vodafone is not read, ie it isn't
mounted as a removable disk.

Connected to other usb ports there are mouse, keyboard and printer.

Any ideas?


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