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Not sure just where to post this but I'll try it here. I will also send
it to ATI support if I can find a place to do so...

I have an Diamond ATI Radeon 9500 graphics card installed on a computer
with a Biostar P4M800-M7A motherboard with a Pentium D 3.2Ghz Dual Core
processor. I am have 2Gb of ram. I am presently using a Dell 19" CRT
monitor but have also tried it with a Gateway 19" CRT monitor. I bought
the card to be Vista compatible.

It works fine for me in Windows XP. I installed Vista on another partiton
and dual boot the two operating systems. I did not install the Catalyst
Control Center in XP and had no problem getting my desired settings. My
preferred screen resolution is 1152 X 864. However in Vista, the highest
resolution I can get to work properly is 1024 X 768. I installed the
Catalyst Control Center in Vista to see if I could improve the situation.
1152 X 864 is not even an option in the Control Center, although the
default Windows "slider" will let you set it at that. But it is too
narrow and can't be stretched out horizonally to fill the screen. The
same applies to 1280 X 960 which I could live with. I have tried various
refresh rates with all of these but they do not solve the problem. 1280 X
1024 works but it does not have the 4:3 aspect ratio desired.

What I can't understand is why it works properly in XP but not in Vista.
I downloaded the Vista drivers from the ATI site.

Are there possibly some different drivers I could obtain that would solve
my problem?
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Re: Vista Video problem

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Perhaps you should look for drivers for the monitor. That will instruct the
catalyst control centre on the maximum refresh and size setting for the

Re: Vista Video problem

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Post to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati ... someone over there may be able
to help.

Re: Vista Video problem

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Thanks... I'll do that!

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