Viewing Angle on Large LCD's

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Hi all.

I'm in the market to replace my old CRT with a new LCD, something in
the 24" to 30" range. I do a lot of work in Photoshop.

Most of the info I've found online seems to suggest that the viewing
angle data supplied by manufacturers is less than accurate. Most of
the user reviews I've read are to the effect that people like a wide
variety of these large LCDs, but the viewing angle is just
"satisfactory", at best. I haven't found any positive reviews when it
comes to the viewing angle ratings.

Does anyone here have a large LCD that excels in this area? Maybe it's
a pipe dream, but I'd like one where the image doesn't fall apart if
your head is slightly off center.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Viewing Angle on Large LCD's

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My Dell 2405FPW works great. I don't notice any image issues moving my head
around the display.

Re: Viewing Angle on Large LCD's

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:33:20 -0400, Garrett

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The viewing angle is the point at which a certain %
degradation is seen.  With Photoshop image editing you want
to have NO degradation at all.  Thus, even if/when a monitor
or TV has a better viewing angle than another monitor, the
viewing angle of either still matters enough in a critical
optically related task like image editing, that it doesn't
matter much  which had a better "true" viewing angle, you
should always be dead-center in front of any monitor or TV
for this purpose which is of course a 0' viewing angle.

However, panels with better contrast and color reproduction,
two addt'l important factors for image editing, also tend to
have better viewing angles.

You ought to go to a store and look at a few, there's no

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