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Hi everyone

Its been a very bad week. The last computer death meant rummaging in
the shed to find a 486 to use... yes, that bad. Currently 4 decent
machines + 1 old one are refusing to cooperate with repairs, so the
dino is being used to fill in. I thought my days of playing with 486s
were history, now I'm just glad someone forgot to chuck it.

Anyway, to be compatible with modern software it needs to run in 256
colour mode. Its running 98se. When the settings are moved from 16
colour to 256 it asks to restart, but always restarts in 16 colour
mode. Same thing with resolution, always restarts at 640x480. Monitor
type is correct, adaptor type correct, the right drivers are installed
- allthough theyre 95 drivers running in 98se, so perhaps not 100%

Workaround time: which file is it that one had to edit by hand in the
3.1 days to change video modes? I'm thinking hopefully that'll do it.

98se, 24M RAM, 1M video, 486/133.

Thanks, NT

PS this is definitely a 95 driver, but it looks 3.1ish. Heres an

Ascan.exe is a utility to let you set your monitor refresh rate.
If you want you can put into autoexec.bat so every time you restart
machine the refresh rate will automaticly take effect.
The command line will be "ascan /c".  Otherwise you need to set refresh
everytime your win95 show up.

Re: video funnies wrote

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No it doesnt if you're just hobbling along until
one of the other systems returns from the dead.

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That last is unlikely.

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Yep, bet that's it. Have another go at getting
the correct drivers, or use a different video card.

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Waste of time, fix one of the other more modern systems instead.

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