Video Card Failure?

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Hi Everyone, I have a quick question:

I built a system last year which did well up until recently. I have an
P4P800S-X board with an AMD X2 4800. The video card was an ATI
Saphire 1600, and
I installed 2GB of Kingston RAM. Couple of months ago
I started getting warnings
about the Video Card overheating (no
over-clocking was done). I tried ramping
down the speed of the card and
using less graphics intensive programs. It seemed
to have worked, but
last week when I started up my computer, I got the 1 long
and 3 short
beeps. When I first start the system up, it hangs for a bit with a
coming from the CD combo drive. All the power is on, and the fans are
running. Then the beeps come in, and the system seems to start up, but I
am not
sure since there is no power to the screen (in fact, no signal
gets through). At
first I thought it was a video card issue, so I
replaced the video card with a
GeForce 8800 GT; but the same issue
appears. Now I am thinking it is a
motherboard issue, but I am unsure of
this. What do you guys think?

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but I wanted to have all points
Thanks for you help guys. Much appreciated!

Re: Video Card Failure?

Ranko wrote:
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The P4P800S-X is a S478 Intel processor board, with 848 chipset.
That doesn't match the other equipment mentioned in your posting.
And even if the motherboard name was corrected, there is still
some uncertainty about the hardware. The HD 1600 exists with
multiple interfaces. The 8800 GT on the other hand, is a
PCI Express card, so at least which slot you're using for that
one is relatively clear in your posting. It also wouldn't hurt
to mention how many sticks of RAM, such as 2x1GB Kingston DDR400
or whatever.

In any case, strip a little more equipment out, and retest.

1) Remove RAM and video. What beep pattern do you hear on the speaker ?

2) Install one stick of RAM. Did the beep pattern change ?

3) If the beep pattern did not change in (2), then test with
    the other, single stick of RAM. Did the beep pattern change ?

4) If (1),(2), and (3) give the same results, then it could be
    motherboard. It is unlikely that two sticks of RAM would fail

5) If either (2) or (3) gave a different code, then it could be
    that the single stick of RAM being used is good. Now, plug
    in the HD 1600 video card and test. Do you still get a beep
    code ? Or are you getting video on the screen ?


Re: Video Card Failure?

Somewhere on teh intarweb "Paul" typed:
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You missed step 2a and 3a:

Try that stick of RAM in the other slot


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