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I need to replace a nVidia GeForce4 T1 4200 AGP 8x video card (dual
monitor).  Make a recommendation on an
equivalent card.


Re: Video card

On Sat, 03 Mar 2007 03:21:30 GMT, "Sunshine"

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Does equivalent mean that same (now slow for modern gaming)
performance level, or the modern equivalent of roughly the
same (new/retail) price range?

Not to be a smartass or anything, but a Geforce4 Ti4200
would be roughly equivalent.  If that card was acceptible
before it (failed?) then get another one, it might be quite
a bit cheaper than a more modern equivalent from ebay or a
surplus parts 'site.

A modern equivalent would be something like a Geforce
7600GS, but being a current generation card it uses an
AGP-PCI bridge chip, and due to lower volume sales for AGP
interface, costs more than it ought to (is cheaper in PCI
EXpress format, especially with recurring sales or rebates).
One generation older cards might be more cost effective,
particularly if the system it's being placed in is similarly
old tech, to the extent that the rest of the system is as
much of a bottleneck if you're trying to game.

Other alternatives might be a Geforce 6600 or ATI X700, but
you didn't tell us what the real requirements are, the use
of the card... for example whether there's any gaming and if
so, what era of games... since the TI4200 wasn't fit for
modern games it must be something older.  If it's only for
2D uses and movie/video playback, just about any current
gen. card would suffice, you can sort by type (AGP) at
'sites like , and without a need for
gaming, a cheaper card may have other benefits such as lower
power usage onto the point that it doesn't need a fan, can
be silently, passively cooled without the extra expense of
an elaborate heatsink.  

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