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hey guys just bought this video to hear you opinons...
HIS Hightech
Radeon X800XL PQ80LNV-4I-ZPC IceQ II Turbo Video Card

On this

i saw this video
card on another person computer playing halflife and
the graphics were
amazing..opinions on this anyone?

oh yeah and also i have 2g of memory running
on it :)

Re: Video Card

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 07:30:19 GMT, no@spam.invalid
(sportsguyfan) wrote:

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Thoroughly bench test it, ALL features.  Sometimes refurbs
cards are 100% fine, other times something is wrong and it
might not be obvious, or might not matter to your use.

The fan looks near impossible to replace if it fails rather
than whole 'sink, therefore if it uses sleeve-bearings, it
would be good to periodically relube it _before_ it starts
making dry bearing noises and wears as most do.

Otherwise, you know what you have, if you're satisfied it
wasn't a bad price for it. I might've preferred a 6600GT but
from ATI...

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Well any modern card fast enough to support most if not all
the eyecandy will look pretty similar, major differences
require careful scrutinization of screen captures and aren't
so noticable during gamplay.  Sure it'll do the job fine
among the other cards in this price-range.

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Seems the start of a fairly good system providing you won't
need more than one PCI card in addition to the video card
that should have the adjacent PCI slot empty for best
airflow.  IMO, Realtek sound is often marginal, if you run
out of ideas a sound card would be a nice upgrade,
especially if you already have a decent spare lying about.

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