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Sorry to cross post,  but I can't seem to get any of the experts to
comment on my problem.  I am trying to choose a video capture card,
and I am concerned about how to maintain lip sync with the video.  I
realize this is relatively old stuff to most of you gamers,  but we
all have to start somewhere.  I have read numerous reviews etc,  but
most don't even say how many bits the A/D encoder is capable of,  and
I am looking for at least 10 bit, but 12 would be better.  I keep
reading how the audio loops thru most boards and then enters the sound
board.  With a USB capture system,  I can see that there could be a
time lag and loss of lip sync.  Is there any card that addresses this
problem?  Or is there a simple fix?  In another life,  I dealt with
this professionally,  and I know that there is lots of chances for
loss of sync to occur.  I just can't afford a "professional" box to
fix it.  
Thanks for any input,
Jim Monahan

Re: Video Capture Card

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 02:39:06 GMT, wrote:

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Ive never looked at capture only cards cause they tend to be either
high end specialized cards that cost a fortune or the same as TV tuner
cards at a higher price without the tuner etc.

I think I saw one sale on a capture only card in the 20s.
Ive seen TV tuners on sale off and on all the time and since the
Hauppauge 150 with hardware compression came out prices have tumbled
on them from 50-80 though there are still the 80-300 ones -- dual
tuner cards and official ATI versions etc.

If you are concerned about it use a PCI card and try the ATI 550 chip
based card like the Sapphire which goes for $75 at many places like
Monarch Computers and maybe Newegg , ZZF and Mwave.

It uses a 12 bit converter and mentions audio sync improvements since
it uses no loop back but Im taking it for granted that the audio sync
improvements work with inputs and not just the tuner.

If you do get out of sync errors actually there are lots of website
articles talking about how to correct it with editing software but its
tedious when I tried to do it a few times. Maybe one of the articles I
didnt read had a easy simple way to do it or a simple editor that
doesnt cost that much or is free , there are a few free ones like
Audacity. /

Re: Video Capture Card

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005 03:17:42 GMT, ""

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DUHHHH I meant Ulead or any other popular video AND audio editor. Its
kind of hard to sync it with Audacity since its an Audio ONLY editor
though I suppose you could add padding or cut some padding to try to
make the file shorter or longer and then add it to the Video file but
then you would need two apps when you only need one video+sound

Re: Video Capture Card wrote:
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   ???USB capture???
   A video capture card does not use USB; i would think none of them do.
   Those i have seen are a TV tuner (standard 75 ohm RF input for
antenna or cable), and one records off a "TV station" like a video
player or DVD player via 1) composite video plus L and R audio into the
board OR 2) S-video.
   NO USB.

Re: Video Capture Card

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FWIW I have an A/V capture DEVICE (not a card) that uses USB --it is called
GrabBee III. I have no idea if that relates to the original query--just
thought it might add something.


Re: Video Capture Card

Phluge wrote:

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   I would expect a "stand-alone" to either use USB or FireWire or
EtherNet; there would be no other way to transfer data to the computer.
   Since a capture card plugs into the motherboard, data is transferred
directly at the system bus speed - therfore USB is out of the loop.

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