VGA to Component cable

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to break out a vga cable to
component to feed a monitor?  I have a TV/component/S_Video unit and I
want to upgrade to a better rig.  I would like to use this old one on
the computer.  Is there any other options if this isn't possible?


Re: VGA to Component cable

A VGA cable cannot be used to break out to component video.


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Re: VGA to Component cable

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Posting #7 here says the standards are different. Computer is
RGB and monitor is "CrCbY (aka YUV)". Devices designed principally
for TV viewing, don't need a lot of video bandwidth, which can
limit the viewing qualities of text on the screen (i.e. text is
unreadable). Computer monitors have much higher equivalent
bandwidth, which is why thin lines and text with sharp edges,
show up clearly.

There is a discussion here about scan conversion. This site uses
popups, which can be stopped by Firefox browser.

And some example commercial devices here:

AVerKey PC-to-TV Converters  
SKU#        Product Name          Unit Price  Availability
DKEYIMID2   AVerKey iMicro         $99.99     In Stock    
PQUICKPLY   AVerMedia QuickPlay    $79.99     In Stock    
DKEY300D2   AVerKey300 Gold       $179.99     In Stock    
DKEY550DN   AVerKey550            $299.99     In Stock (feature comparison)

You would want to make sure that the output standard of
the scan converter, and the input standard of the TV
are the same. As per the comparison PDF file.


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