vanishing hard drive, can you help?

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I have a windows XP PC, with service pack 2, an Athlon 64 3000+,1gb ram.

The problem I have is with a Medion 320gb external USB hard drive. The
drive worked fine, but now keeps disappearing of the PC. It will only
stay available for a few minutes at a time. The drive will reappear if I
disconnect, and reconnect again. When the hard drive disappears I don't
get the usual windows sound when a USB device dissconects. Other USB
devices connected to the computer, such as mp3 players don't show this
problem. I have tried using other USB ports, but this has not helped. I
had thought the drive was faulty, and about to die, but the strange
thing is that the drive works connected to a laptop. This has made me
wonder if there is a setting I need to change?

Thanks for reading this, and if anyone could help I would be very grateful

Paul Johnson

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