VAIO PCG-K33 display goes blank during windows boot

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Hi All,

My Sony has a problem that I can't seem to fix so I'm looking for

When I power on my laptop I can see the Sony logo, I can get into BIOS
and I can load MS Memory Checker and still see everything on the LCD
screen.  I will call this text mode.

Once the HD begins to boot, before I get the 1st loading Windows
screen (the color screen with the little bar graph) the LCD goes blank
(the backlight goes off, I see this because I have taken off the
bezel) but the external monitor still show the progress.  I will call
this graphics mode.

I have swapped the LCD screen (with LCD cable attached) and I swapped
the inverter board, both came from a working laptop of the same
model.  I see the same result, once graphics mode starts the screen
goes blank and the backlight turns off.

I then installed the LCD screen (with LCD cable attached) and inverter
board that I just removed into the known good laptop.  This time the
LCD screen works fine.  Both text and graphics mode work as it should
and Windows XP boots fine and I can see everything on the LCD screen.

I have the laptop set to display on both the LCD screen and external
VGA monitor, both laptops were checked and the setting on both is

It is not a driver problem because I also swapped hard disks and I get
the same results.

Can anyone suggest anything else I might check?

Thanks for any help,


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