Using different types of DDR memories together

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Hello All,

I am using a stick of DDR2 5300 (1gb) and a stick of DDR2 4300 (512mb)
on my
laptop and I was wondering if this could lead to any problems?

I've read somewhere that DDR2 modules are backwards compatible but I
wanted to get some opinions on this..

Many Thanks,

Re: Using different types of DDR memories together

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007 19:01:42 -0700, Hamza

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No it is no problem as long as your notebook is set to run
at the slowest common denominator, which is the 4300 speed
and the slowest (largest numbered) timings that either
module support at that speed.  Your bios is supposed to, and
typically on a notebook, can't even be set to run at
anythign other than, these SPD programmed default settings
(unless there is a bios flaw).

As always, the first test after installing or changing a
memory config in any way is to run memtest86+ for several
hours to confirm stability.

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