Using a PS/2 Wedge Barcode Scanner without a PS/2 keyboard attached - A solution

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I was investigating how to do this and found lots of posts asking the quest
ion, but few with an answer (and none which worked for me).  I have now fou
nd one, so thought I would post in case anyone else comes looking.........

The Scanner in Question is a Symbol 1900 series (The company was bought by  

The solution was to scan a code called IBM AT NOTEBOOK which can be found h

The notes say to scan the DEFAULT code first, but I was wary of doing this,
 and found I didn't need to.  I had to re-boot the PC after, then it scanne
d happily.  As we have a large number of these and they have stood the test
 of time it's good to be able to go on using them.

I would imagine the code may well work with other Symbol or Motorola scanne
rs, and there may well be similar solution available for other makes / mode



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