Use a power supply without a motherboard?

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I would like to use a power supply to run a few pc components for
purposes other than typical computer usage.
That is, I would like to use it without the go-between of a
motherboard, and just plug my things directly into the power supply, so
that I might run small fart fans and such 24 hours a day.
How do I activate the power supply without the remote function of the
pc case power button to turn it on?
Could I just hotwire it in some simple way, so that it will be fitting
of the humble country folk that I am?

Re: Use a power supply without a motherboard? wrote:
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You connect PS_ON# to an adjacent COM (a.k.a GND) pin. Those pins are
on the main power connector. It helps to have some minimum load on the
power supply, and a very few power supply labels tell you what that
minimum load is. A supply should regulate properly with a
minimum load on it, staying withing the stated output
when loaded.

These pictures are looking into the end of the PSU cable. PS_ON
is the one you want. The first picture is for a 20 pin
connector, and the second is for a 24 pin connector.


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