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I got a USB to PS/2 converter with my mouse and last night I needed to plug
my USB keyboard into a PS/2 slot and tried the adapter. It didn't work.

Is there any difference between a mouse USB to PS/2 converter and a keyboard
USB to PS/2 converter?


Re: USB to PS/2


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No, but that type of "converter" is only a simple
pin-adapter, meaning that your mouse is actually a dual-bus
capable device that just "happens" to have the USB plug
built onto the cord instead of the PS2 (it could've been
built either way had it come with the reverse adapter).

There are more elaborate adapters that have a bridge chip
built into the cord that could "probably" adapt your
keyboard to PS2.

Re: USB to PS/2

A USB to Ps2 adaptor is a USB-PS2 adaptor. There is no such thing as
one for mouse and one for keyb. Try swapping them and you'll probably
still ave the same problem. I imagine it's a keyb issue. your usb keyb
doesn't support ps2. i haven't experiencced that though.

--oringal response from my misreading---!! including in case somebody
find it useful
That is extroadinarily odd. I think you got it the wrong way around.

kony has provided some technical terminology that explains my
experience. I shall use this terminology.

I have  a  simple little USB-PS2   pin adaptor.  And a simple PS2-USB
pin adaptor.  And an elaborate   2*PS2 to USB adaptor

Using my USB-PS2   pin adaptor worked perfectly.
My USB mouse and keyboard plug into my ps2 socket.  This is because
most or all USB devices support ps2 too. And I think they sort of
detect whether it's usb or ps2 that they are plugged into.

USing my  Ps2-USB  pin adaptor  appeared not to work.  THis is because
most ps2 devices including my own, do not support USB.  THe pin
adaptors were actually ok.   INfact. I tested them in the following
way.  I took a USB device, converted it to PS2 (so it's like a ps2
device that supports usb). Then I used the ps2 to usb adaptor. And that
worked!  So there's nothing wrong with those simple ps2-usb pin

I also have an elaborate 2*ps2 to usb adaptor. It's a large beast.  It
has as 'bridge chip' built into it.  Mine wasn't so great. It would
flash when keys were pressed or teh mouse was moved - very good. But
when it only detected once i got into windows. And it'd load a driver
caleld HCI or something human computer interface or something.

Mouse or Keyboard makes no difference.  USB to ps2 is USB to ps2. Maybe
you have a weird USB keyboard that doesn't support ps2 ?  I never
experiecned that. But the adaptors are blind to whether it's
mouse/keyboard plugged in. You can prove this by swapping the adaptors.
you'll find it'll make no difference.

Regarding pin adatprs. I find that my smaller ones alwas work. I have
some slightly fat ones which are stil just pin adaptors but give a "not
recognised" usb error when going into usb ports of one of my comps.

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