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I recently replaced my old MS wireless desktop with a new logitech set and
it works great. There's one thing missing though: the old receiver was abut
the size of and shape of a mouse, and had both USB and ps/2 connections, so
I could hook it up to the ps/2 ports for better legacy support (namely
running ghost and/or partition magic from DOS).  The new receiver is about
the size of a thumb drive, and hence has only USB connection.

Is there any adapter I can use to to convert a USB receiver into seperate
mouse/keyboard ps/2 connections ? I know the reverse exists (2x PS/2 to 1x
USB), that's why I ask.

Legacy USB support doesn't work for DOS a lot of the time (ie. it's enough
to get into BIOS and/or boot options, but doesn't allow the keyboard to work
in DOS), and neither do the DOS USB drivers I have found.

Btw, does anyone know if they are going to bring out a new PQM with support
for vista's file system ? It's NTFS but not the same as XP/2K uses (pqm just
makes a mess of the partition table)


Re: USB reciever to PS2

Skeleton Man wrote:
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I've never seen one of those, but there's no reason why it couldn't be
done.  Googling turned up this:

Yikes, 112 bucks!

Re: USB reciever to PS2

On Sun, 28 Dec 2008 13:33:20 -0500, "Skeleton Man"

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I don't know about an adapter, but legacy support does work
if properly done in the board's bios.  It seems you are
stuck inbetween, a system old enough and/or buggy enough to
not have proper emulation of PS2, and a modern keyboard that
won't do PS2.    Come to think of it, while this seems true
with separate USB keyboard and USB mouse, I can't recall at
the moment if it is true for a wireless USB receiver that
provides both keyboard and mouse functionality, or if that
too might depend on how sophisticated the mobo's bios is.

In case it's just buggy you might try a newer mobo bios,
although personally I'll always keep a PS2 keyboard and
mouse around just in case, or at least those that are
adaptable to PS2 with a simple pin adapter.

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