USB problems on new build

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I just swapped out an old Epox MB for a not quite as old Epox EP-8RDA3+.
Everything went suprisingly well with a few exceptions.

After Windows installed the USB drivers, everything USB related works OK,
but for some reason both my USB Optical mouse and USB powered speakers stay
powered *ON* after I shutdown the computer!
I am using the (4) rear panel ports

Also, when I *FIRST* powered up the computer after installing the
hardware..... I got NOTHING!!
No Spinup, No lights, No beeps, No boot, No life, Nothing!!
After checking and re-checking everything, and eliminating what I could from
the issue at hand, I discovered by *unplugging* my Antec front panel USB
connector cable (which *IS* keyed/plugged 10 pin) from the (CUSB3) Header on
the MB, the computer fired up just fine!! WTF???

I`ve never encountered any of these USB related problems before on any
previous builds.
Can someone here explain to me what is going on here??

Thanks for any insight or experience

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Re: USB problems on new build

On Sun, 14 May 2006 02:37:57 GMT, "Mattrixx"

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Check your board manual for the location of the 5V/5VSB
jumper and move it to 5V.  It's probably very hear the rear

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Probably wired differently and needs changed.  See the
motherboard manual.  Is the case USB connector color coded?
Red 5V, Black Ground, White Data -, Green Data +.

Re: USB problems on new build

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Hi Kony,

The Antec front panel USB cable has a *one* piece black connector, NOT
individual pins, with one of the 10 holes plugged (or keyed) so that it can
only be attached in one direction onto the 9 pins of the MB USB header!
However, I think the individual *colored* wires can be re-arranged and then
re-inserted into the black connector?
Would you know how to accomplish this without destroying the wires or
Is there some trick to releasing the individual colored wires from the
connector and then re-inserting them?
This is also going to be a real challange re-mapping them to the manual.

As far as the 5V/5VSB jumper you mention, there is none!
The only jumpers (beside onboard audio) are the JCMOS and JCLK (to set FSB
No mention of anything like it in the manual!

Thanks for your kind response

Re: USB problems on new build

On Mon, 15 May 2006 00:42:02 GMT, "Mattrixx"

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The typical connector block has pin sockets with a little
metal tab (internal), and springy plastic flaps on the sides
of the plastic block.  Use a fine instrument such as an
X-Acto knife blade or a needle to gently and barely pry up
the tab (not flexing too much or it will break) while
pulling out on the wire.

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Perhaps they omitted it, look around on the board
(particularly near the rear ports and over by any USB
pin-headers for what might be such a jumper (but be sure it
seems right before changing it).  Such a jumper tends to be
a single row of three pins with a jumper covering two out of
the three, which would be moved to cover the middle and
other pin.  The clear CMOS jumper also looks like this,
don't move it or you'll have to potentially set up the bios
again from the defaults.

If there is no jumper, perhaps a setting in the bios menus.
I don't have your board so if it isn't in the manual that is
all the suggestions I have.

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